November 17, 2009

Berkeley: Turkish Kitchen; restaurant review

80 North

Turkish Kitchen  1986 Shattuck Ave./University Ave., (510) 540-9997. L-D daily; $.

The wide-open room here, with high ceilings and attractive Mediterranean wall murals, provides comfortable seating and plenty to look at. Menu fare includes soups and salads plus appetizers both cold (grape leaves stuffed with a rice mix, eggplant salad, and exotic, tasty red bell pepper-based ezme) and hot (borek—phylo dough baked with feta cheese or ground beef; and boregi—a deep-fried cigar-shaped pastry filled with feta). Choose from exotic sandwiches, stuffed pies, and main dishes (delicious baked chicken beyti is lavash stuffed with ground chicken and served with a tasty yogurt sauce; manti is like Turkish ravioli; eggplant is stuffed with meat or veggies and is a house specialty). Delicious house-made pita is made the Turkish way—without a pocket--and is perfect to sop up sauce. Sharing works well.

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