November 6, 2009

San Francisco: play--"tings dey happen"

San Francisco

"tings dey happen" is based on the year actor/playwrite Dan Hoyle spent exploring the West African oil frontier as a Fulbright scholar. In this one-man show he portrays a pacifist militant, a media-savvy warlord, an Africanized Texas oil worker, a prostitute activist, the American ambassador to Nigeria, and more, and he is amazing in his ability to go instantly in and out of character--accent and all. Post-show talkbacks about Hoyle's adventures performing the show in Nigeria will be conducted after each Thursday and Friday evening performance and Sunday matinee. (And, yes, he is the son of local actor and comedian Geoff Hoyle.)

Runs through November 29, 2009 at Marines Memorial Theatre, (415) 771-6900.

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