January 20, 2010

Berkeley: Jayakarta (CLOSED); restaurant review

80 North


CLOSED  2026 University Ave./Milvia St., (510) 841-0884 . L-D daily; $.

In a simple one-room dining area, Jayakarta serves up complex, exotic, and delicious Indonesian and Singaporean cuisine. Sure things include #12, roti prata (grilled flat bread with yellow curry dip); #62, ayam kalasan (Javanese barbecued chicken); #69, rendang (tender beef simmered with spices and coconut milk); #75 pepes ikan (richly flavored fish cooked in a banana leaf). More adventurous diners might want to try #66, sambal goring hati ampla (chicken gizzards with stink beans). Well-priced lunch specials include combo plates and rice plates (#31, the nasi rames rice plate includes a mound of jasmine rice surrounded by crispy curry chicken, spicy coconut beef, a hard boiled egg, tiny crispy-fried anchovies and peanuts, pickles, and shrimp crackers). A bountiful rijsttafel smorgasbord of dishes is also available.

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image courtesy of venue


  1. The new website for Jayakarta Restaurant is:

    the old link is a dead end. thanks

  2. Thanks for the update! Also, this is a reminder that I need to come back soon--it's been far too long.


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