January 5, 2010

San Francisco: Gitane (CLOSED); restaurant review

San Francisco

Gitane  CLOSED  6 Claude Lane/Bush, Union Square, (415) 788-6686. D Tu-Sat (closed Sun-M); $$$.

Named after a freewheeling gypsy, this dazzling venue is set in the back of a small alley closed to traffic. Outdoor seating is a comfortable option year round, but you don’t want to miss experiencing the spectacular interior. With the deft use of smoky mirrors, the actually small space appears to have soaring ceilings and manages to feel cozy yet trendy. Downstairs, a lively and colorful bar area is squeeze-in space only, while upstairs, a packed dining loft manages to provide diners a bit of privacy. Winners on the Mediterranean fusion menu include scrumptious bacon bonbons (goat cheese-stuffed prunes wrapped with smoked bacon), a delicious chicken or all-veggie tajine, wood-fired pizzas, and for dessert perfect little beignets served with a trio of dipping sauces. Cocktails and Sherries marry well with the food, and plenty of wines are available; in conclusion, both tea and coffee are served elegantly in a French press.

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