April 2, 2010

San Jose: Happy Hollow Park & Zoo; things to do

101 South 

Happy Hollow Park & Zoo

Following a $70 million renovation, this popular family attraction reopened on March 30.

Here's a video of the new fossa exhibit:

Familiar sights are still there:
Crooked House
lower Zoo
Mini Put-Putt cars
Granny Bug Rides
Danny the Dragon ride (he's just “greener”)

New sights include:
Education Center - The greenest of all the new buildings and built out of hay bales, the Learning L.O.D.G.E. is the center of educational activity for the new facility.
Doc’s Critter Care – This new animal hospital features indoor and outdoor
quarantine, surgery, and radiology facilities.
Giggle Grove – The new rides area features Kiddie Swings and Frog Hopper.
Family Rides – Includes a spectacular carousel with endangered species characters and Pacific Fruit Express Family Roller Coaster.
Double H Ranch Exhibit - Includes expansive animal contact area with an
additional play areas for children. It features Animal Barn, which offers close contact with domestic species along with new exhibits of animals
typically found in a barn.
Lemur Woods Exhibit – Displays endangered lemurs and a parallel play area
for children to hop, jump, and move like a lemur.
Redwood Lookout play area - Perfect for multiple age groups with an area for
toddlers, a sitting area for parents, and a larger play structure for older
children. Built to resemble a Ranger lookout station, the giant play structure is
nestled in redwoods with slides, swings, ropes, and climbing areas.
New Fossa Exhibit – This largest member of the mongoose family is the largest carnivore and top predator native to Madagascar. Happy Hollow is the only Bay Area zoo exhibiting this endangered species.
Picnic Basket Restaurant

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