May 22, 2010

Berkeley: VIK’s Chaat Corner; restaurant review

80 North 

VIK’s Chaat Corner  2390 4th St./Channing Way, (510) 644-4432.

This outrageously popular Indian chaat house has moved to beautiful new quarters with a spacious parking lot. New items join the menu. My favorites have always been the cholle bhature, also known as "the big puffy thing" (see photo), and the samosa cholle (deep-fried potato-stuffed pastries served with spicy garbanzo curry).  More. 

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image courtesy of venue


  1. I love samosas, and I've been to that location, now how can I sample through cyber space?

    1. You'll have to lick the photo on your computer screen! It made me hungry looking at the big puffy thing right now. I just ordered some Indian food from another local restaurant to set off some fireworks in my mouth for the 4th of July!