May 13, 2010

San Francisco: Peter Pan (CLOSED); things to do

San Francisco

While we weren't looking, Peter Pan and his entourage flew into town from London and raised two big tents (one holds 1,350 seats, the other is an open-air restaurant and souvenir shop). It is a rousing production done in the round, and everyone gets a good seat. All the better to see the Mick Jagger-ish Peter and the very edgy Tinker Bell. Audience favorites include the spectacular incarnation of the crocodile, the animal puppets, and the take-you-there, scene-setting scenery projections onto the inside of the tent. I saw it without children in tow and do highly recommended you bring a few yourself--their excitement is a big enhancement. Check the website for information about tours and other special events.

In Ferry Park on the Embarcadero, across from the Ferry Building, SHOW CLOSED.

More ideas for exploring Northern California.

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