June 16, 2010

Oakland: Italian Colors; restaurant review

880 South

Italian Colors restaurant is as comfortable as ever, and also as difficult as ever to find.  Be sure to secure directions in advance.  In business for 17 years, they are definitely doing something very right.  The menu continues to offer favorite house speciaties--a delicate Green Scarves lasagna made with thin layers of pasta and bechamel sauce, thin-crust pizza made with a strain of yeast maintained here since the restaurant opened, and gooey warm chocolate cake.  A recent visit allowed me to try a few new items, including a molded Dungeness crab salad with papaya and avocado and a chili-lime vinaigrette, a bowl of addictive fried olives and garlic cloves, and a fresh red abalone entree prepared with lemon-caper-butter sauce and served with lemon-ricotta ravioli.  The abalone is newsworthy because it isn't on many menus.  However the chef here has a source of fresh farmed abalone--pick up a few souvenir shells from a basket by the door as you leave.  A full bar serves up specialty cocktails, and live classical guitar music entertains on Wednesday through Saturday nights.

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