September 13, 2010

Berkeley: Everest Cafe (CLOSED); restaurant review

80 North

Everest Cafe  

CLOSED  1645 Solano Ave./Tulare Ave., (510) 526-4915. L M-Sat, D daily; $-$$.

Named for the tallest peak in Nepal and the world and yet located on an unassuming stretch near the Albany border, this small spot sporting cheery lace curtains features eastern Nepalese and Indian cuisine. Lunch specials at Everest Cafe include sides of raita (yogurt), atar (tomato chutney), and nan on trays with main dishes prepared to requested spiciness—including a delicious eggplant, garbanzo bean-spinach, or goat curry. Among the many vegan and vegetarian options are vegetable momo (steamed dumplings), vegetable chow mein, and vegetable thukpa (the special Nepali sherpa dish).

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