November 7, 2011

Oakland: Xyclo; restaurant review

880 South

Xyclo  4218 Piedmont Ave., Entrada Ave., (510) 654-2681. L-D daily; $$. Reservations advised.

In simple but pleasant surroundings, this Vietnamese venue inspires diners to argue over which is the best dish. The list of possibilities includes stuffed eggplant (actually long slices of eggplant tossed with lengthwise slices of fried shrimp, green onion, and sake sauce), spicy green beans, chili ribs, devil wings, spicy steak salad, pho, double spring rolls, sugarcane shrimp roll, bird’s nest noodles, and lemongrass basil chicken dish. And on and on. It is difficult to order poorly.

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image courtesy of venue

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