January 9, 2012

Albany: Aangan; restaurant review

mango lassi at Aangan Indo-Nepalese Cuisine in Albany, California
80 North


856 San Pablo Ave./Solano Ave., in Albany, (510) 524-2220.

With a cozy combination of brick and colorfully painted walls, original paintings featuring scenes of Kathmandu, and cheerful repeat-print patterned tablecloths made from Nepalese fabric, this cheery one-room venue is welcoming and friendly. Aangan Indo-Nepalese Cuisine appears to be a recycled lounge, with some tables set on the raised former stage. On the two times I dined here, it seemed like many people at different tables knew one another. 

dining room at Aangan in Albany, California
dining room at Aangan in Albany, California

Nepal’s Himalayan cuisine is influenced by both India and China.  You can choose the degree of spiciness, and spicy here means just that. Delicious full-flavored choices on the menu include vegetarian steamed momos (similar to potstickers) filled with a finely-chopped veggie mixture and served with a tasty dipping sauce that includes powdered berries from Nepal, aloo tikki chat (potato pancakes with garbanzo beans and both tamarind and mint chutneys), keema roti (a crispy bread stuffed with spiced lamb), tasty yellow fish curry, and satisfying spicy okra with potatoes. Goat stew and a vegetarian platter are also options. A thick mango lassi can serve as both drink and dessert, but kheer (rice pudding) and kulfi (Indian pistachio ice cream) are also available.

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image ©2012 Carole Terwilliger Meyers
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