Wednesday, August 1, 2012

80 North: Berkeley, Urbann Turbann

Urbann Turbann  1870 Euclid Ave./Hearst Ave., (510) 704-0109.   M-F 11-9; $.  No reservations.  Since there are only a few tables available, think take-out.  The concept is Indian curries used as a filling wrapped burrito-style in a naan instead of a tortilla.  Fresh veggies such as lettuce, tomatoes, and peppers (I ask for everything), and also masala potatoes (I ask for extra) and a choice of white or brown rice, not to mention a variety of chutney sauces (I like the spicy cilantro and the coconut), are included.  Fillings are mild but tasty and include succulent pork vindaloo, a saucy but dry butter chicken, and mushroom curry (you can choose two different fillings).  This makes for a gigantic, very messy Indian burrito.  I prefer to opt for the bowl version and pay an additional $1 for a naan on the side.  The last one I bought was enough for a lunch and two dinners!  If you have a bigger appetite, add in a samosa.

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image c2012 Carole Terwilliger Meyers

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