Thursday, August 16, 2012

Highway 49--Gold Rush Country: Sierra City and Sierra Country Store & Deli

Cars start falling off behind you as you drive in toward the little burg of Sierra City.  At an altitude of 4,187 feet, it is formed by a collection of Gold Rush-era buildings positioned on the North Yuba River and with a view of the sawtooth Sierra Buttes.  Some townsfolk describe living here as “like being in Mayberry.”  The town was destroyed by an avalanche in 1852, rebuilt, and in 1869 a 118-pound gold nugget was found.  Sierra Valley is the largest alpine valley in North America. 

Sierra Country Store & Deli  213 Main St., (530) 862-1560.  M-Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 11-6.  Rebuilt after the avalanche, this building dates to the 1850s and now holds the town’s atmospheric full-service grocery store.  In addition to meat, produce, and beer, a small deli whips up treats.  The burgers are famous--the smallest is a completely personalized half-pounder that is as big as the nut on the Kentucky Mine jaw crusher, and the largest is the 1-pound “gut buster”--but deli sandwiches, a killer orange freeze, and milk shakes and other ice cream goodies are also available.  The best spot to dine is on a bench out on the front porch (the owner has installed some newer benches, too, measured to the specs of Bubba’s in Kauai, a personal favorite burger spot), but seating at a community table is also available in the back of the store. 

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