Tuesday, February 19, 2013

80 North: Berkeley, Flacos

Flacos  3031 Adeline St./Ashby, South Berkeley.  The bricks-and-mortar outgrowth of a Berkeley farmers market stand (it also continues on at the markets), this all-vegan counter-order spot operates inside a cute, clean little cottage-like structure decorated lightly with Mexican crafts.  The music mix includes Bob Marley and Jimmie Hendrix.  Tight seating inside holds about 12, while roomier tables are available outside on the edge of the free parking lot.  Menu items include crunchy taquitos filled with a soy mix (they are the size of a regular taco shell); tasty soft-shell tacos stuffed with vegan meat, radishes, and cabbage; banana-leaf-wrapped tamales in mole; gluten-free tamales filled with roasted poblano chiles, refried pinto beans, and potatoes; chalupas stuffed with potatoes and soyrizo; arroz sin leche (soy-milk rice pudding); and soy-milk Mexican hot chocolate.  You’ll find no cheese, sour cream, chips, or alcohol (instead, try the aqua fresca of the day).  The house specialty avocado salsa is slathered on some items.   On Taquito Tuesdays they are $1/per instead of $2/per (and there is a whole lot of crunchin’ goin’ on).  Taco Thursdays are $2/per.  Rice is brown, corn tortillas are fresh-pressed, and packaging is biodegradable.  Bulk organic vegan masa is available by advance order.

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image c2013 Carole Terwilliger Meyers

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