November 20, 2013

San Francisco: Market & Rye (CLOSED); restaurant review

San Francisco

Market & Rye  CLOSED  300 De Haro St./16th St., Potrero District, (415) 252-7455.  Br-L-early D  until 7 pm daily; $.  No reservations. 

Though this spot can be very quiet at dinner, it rocks for brunch and lunch.  Decor includes aconference table previously owned by George Lucas that is repurposed as a communal table and a black-board wall filled with celebrity-chef autographs.  Board games, children’s toys, and a large TV provide entertainment.  The menu includes pre-packaged salads such as crunchy Brussels sprouts, pickled yellow beets, and roasted cauliflower, but sandwiches are the mainstay.  The most popular is probably the messy, crispy
Cornflake Crusted Fried Chicken, but currently a Mojo Pulled Pork and a spicy Sriracha Roasted Chicken Salad are holding their own.  They all go particularly well with an icy-cold beer—the coldest I’ve had since years ago in Puerto Vallarta, where it was really, really cold!  Brunch items include pumpkin pancakes, a fried egg sandwich, housemade churros, and a bottomless Mimosa.  A giant cinnamon bun is available until they run out and reflects the season (now it’s pumpkin).  Unfortunately, the legendary mac & cheese grilled cheese sandwich I’ve only heard about is currently off the menu.

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  1. This looks nice, but you should post more pictures. I wanted to see the buns :D