June 2, 2014

Berkeley: Nomad Tibetan Restaurant; restaurant review

80 North

interior of Nomad Tibetan Restaurant in Berkeley, CaliforniaNomad Tibetan Restaurant  1593 Solano Ave./Tacoma Ave., (510) 984-0738.  L W-Sun, D daily. 

Featuring a woodsy decor, with hand-crafted wood tables and art by a local Tibetan artist, this comfortable spot provides a restive retreat.  A good way to start a meal is with the juicy beef momo dumplings, which are very much like pot stickers, and particularly tasty with the house sauce.   Among the many vegetarian items is duluma, a slice of eggplant topped with an assortment of other vegetables in a tasty sauce.  Traditionally, ting-mo—hand-
rolled Tibetan steam buns that look like big yellow flowers--are used to sop up the sauce.  Among the many more dishes I want to try are Shambala curry and ngo-thuk (stir-fried noodles with beef and vegetables).  You can enhance your meal with salty Tibetan butter tea or sweet ginger tea. 

vegetarian dulumama eggplant dish at Nomad Tibetan Restaurant in Berkeley, California

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