Friday, November 14, 2014

80 North: Albany, White Lotus Thai Cuisine

White Lotus Thai Cuisine  843 San Pablo Ave./Solano Ave., (510) 525-2791.  L-D W-M; $$.

interior of White Lotus Thai Cuisine in Albany, California
Spacious and colorful, this restaurant consists of one large room with a scattering of tables and chairs.  A complimentary hot tea is offered with the extensive menu, which takes some perusing.  Many dishes have meat and tofu options, and you can choose the degree of spiciness.  I liked adding heat from the condiments, my favorite being the pickled hot green peppers.

Kao Rad Kang at White Lotus Thai Cuisine in Albany, California
Kao Rad Kang
I tried the Pad Kee Mao with chicken, a delicious flat-rice noodle dish with chili, garlic, tomato, and Thai basil; and the Kao Rad Kang, a pretty red curry with chicken and veggies.  On future visits, I plan to try the spicy chicken wings and the Thai samosa appetizers, the spicy sweet-and-sour fish filet, the Pad Thai, the spicy basil chicken, the pumpkin curry, and the traditional Massaman curry.  A large section of the menu lists special vegetarian items, and rice-plate or noodle lunch specials are available from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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