Wednesday, November 26, 2014

80 North: Richmond, Huong Tra

Huong Tra  12221 San Pablo Ave. #8/after MacDonald Ave., (510) 234-7428.  L-D M-Sat; $.  No reservations.

interior of Huong Tra in Richmond, California
Located in a strip mall, this is a small place that serves up large portions at bargain-basement prices and usually has a wait line.  Tabletops are polished granite, chopsiticks and forks are wrapped up neatly in a napkin, and beer glasses are chilled.

crispy prawns at Huong Tra in Richmond, California
Sure things on the extensive menu include the Vietnamese crispy pork-and-shrimp pancake with fresh herbs, the spicy chicken rice plate, and the crispy prawns served atop a sort of onion-ginger salad.  Additional popular dishes include shrimp fried rice, lemon-beef salad with minced peanuts, and a cubed beef rice plate that is a version of shaken beef (bo luc lac).  Rice plates and vermicelli bowls are generally good, as are shrimp dishes and Vietnamese sandwiches.  Drinks include a good Thai iced tea, iced coffee, and boba smoothies.

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