Friday, November 7, 2014

880 South: Oakland, Cat Town Cafe

Cat Town Cafe  2869 Broadway/29th St.  W-Sun 8am-7pm.  Cat Zone, 10am-7pm; free, but when crowded, entry is not guaranteed unless you have a reservation--available as a courtesy on-line for a $10 donation.  Located on Oakland’s historic Auto Row, across the street from the Mercedes dealership, Cat Town is a cat rescue organization that works in close collaboration with the Oakland Animal Services municipal shelter to get cats out of cages and into homes.  

order counter at Cat Town Cafe in Oakland, California

sugar cookies at Cat Town Cafe in Oakland, California

America's first cat cafe cafe (it opened just last month, October 2014) is a delightful diversion—it even has a cat-centric art gallery--and it doubles as a cat adoption center.  The counter-order menu consists of light snacks such as sugar cookies (mine was decorated with “meow”) and coffee, which you can down while sitting on one of the few benches or carry on into the separate Cat Zone area--definitely the way to go.

Cat Zone area of Cat Town Cafe in Oakland, California

Don’t forget to sanitize your hands before entering the cat area, which due to monitored admission is quiet and uncrowded.  You can pet the kitties, play with them, purchase treats to feed them, and in some cases watch them catnap.

napping cats in Cat Zone area of Cat Town Cafe in Oakland, California

The goal is to get these kitties adopted.  Large windows make it easy to also observe from the sidewalk or cafe.  

Cat Zone area of Cat Town Cafe in Oakland, California

Cute cat furniture includes beds inspired by the Port of Oakland’s cargo cranes and play structures based on buildings from the downtown Oakland skyline, and large colorful murals cover some of the walls.  For me, it was the purrfect way to spend my Caturday.

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  1. How interesting and innovative!! Great way to find homes for these cats and kittens!

  2. Oh, Man. I wish I'd known about this place last fall when I was in Oakland. I LOVE cats, and really miss my Jimmy when travelling. Will have to visit the Cat Cafe next time I am in town. Thx for the heads-up!

  3. Cute idea! Dogs usually get all the fun in public. It wouldn't be a place we'd visit, though, as Pete is highly allergic. For cat-lovers, a must.

  4. This is reason enough to revisit Berkeley! What a great idea.

  5. Oooh! I read about the opening of this Cat Cafe! Thanks so much for taking me there with you. I'm such a cat-lover!

  6. Fun times, there's a cat cafe in Toronto and Japan, I heard recently that the first bunny cafe opened in Japan as well. Now who's going to open the first dog café? :)

  7. Love this idea and glad someone is finally bringing it to the USA.

  8. What a terrific idea for a place to find homes for these lovable creatures as well as for cat lovers to spend some time or buy catcentric goodies!