December 5, 2014

San Francisco: SFO news about Emirates

San Francisco

Emirates flight attendants
a slew of spiffy stews
Emirates is now flying a daily non-stop from San Francisco SFO to Dubai using the huge double-decker Airbus A380, which is the world's largest passenger aircraft.  

economy section on Emirates A380

The entire lower deck is devoted to 399 seats in economy service, and the entire upper deck is divided between 76 business-class seats with lie-flat beds and 14 first-class suites with private cubicles.  

shower cubicle on Emirates A380

If you are able to snag one of those top-level seats, you will also have access to two lounges and--are you ready for this?--a shower cubicle!  Someone asked me if I would take a shower there.  I replied a resounding YES!, absolutely!, simply because I could not pass up the opportunity to say I had done so.  Techies are going to like features such as the 1,800 world-wide entertainment channels available on demand as well as Wi-Fi and satellite telephone service.  

irst class seat on Emirates A380

Having flown Emirates Business Class a few years ago on its Boeing 777, I can attest to the luxury, comfort, and food.  I would love to fly this airline again if only for the memorable Indian black pepper chicken entree that still causes me to salivate when I think about it.  

customer John Briggs in Business Class on Emirates A380 aircraft
customer John Briggs enjoys Business Class on an A380 flying from Bangkok to Hong Kong

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