December 16, 2015

San Anselmo: Imagination Park--A "Star Wars" Connection; things to do

101 North

Imagination Park  535 San Anselmo Ave., (415) 454-2510. 

Filmmaker George Lucas donated the land for this small park to the town.  A fountain features both an Indian Jones and a Yoda sculpture, and benches, trees, roses, and grassy areas make it very inviting.  And what better time to go see it than RIGHT NOW?!

Imagination Park in San Anselmo, California

Yoda and Indiana Jones statues in Imagination Park in San Anselmo, California

Yoda statue in Imagination Park in San Anselmo, California

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images ©2015 Carole Terwilliger Meyers


  1. How wonderful, I love the tie in to the community and this is such a beautiful little city.

  2. This must be the only park with a Yoda statue! :-)

    1. There's another one in San Francisco at the Presidio, at LucasFilms there.

    2. Imagination Park gives me a good reason to stop by San Anselmo next time I'm headed to Santa Rosa to see family. Very cool that Lucas donated the land.

  3. This looks like a lovely park for family outings and, with the popularity of Star Wars, I'm sure it is getting its share of visitors. Does George Lucas live in this area?

  4. This is awesome. Our son lives in SF - he would LOVE THIS!