June 14, 2009

San Francisco: Pizza Nostra SF (CLOSED); restaurant review

San Francisco

Pizza Nostra SF  CLOSED  300 DeHaro St./16th St., Potrero Hill, (415) 558-9493. L M-F, Sat-SunBr, D daily. No reservations.

Diners at this inviting, casual spot have a choice of sitting in an oversize wood booth that can squeeze in perhaps 8 people, at smaller tables, or at a counter overlooking the open kitchen. A recent visit spotted tattoos a plenty, mixed with dreads and kids, and Shakira shook things up with her music. A great meal here can be composed of an unoily fritto misto (this night it was calamari, sea bass, and celery hearts) served with aioli dip, a beautiful beet salad with orange-mint dressing, and a thin-crust, Neapolitan-style calabrese pizza topped with salame and onion. A focaccia hamburger and several pastas are also options. The perfect conclusion is a to-die-for espresso panna cotta with fig vin cotto accent. Outdoor seating is available in good weather.

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