November 23, 2009

Richmond: Pacific East Mall; things to do

80 North

Pacific East Mall 3288 Pierce St., in Richmond.
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November 19, 2009

Columbia S.H.P.: City Hotel & Fallon Hotel; hotel review

Highway 49--Gold Rush Country

Seems like almost the whole town has shut down. Resident Floyd D. P. Oydegaard, who is the owner of Columbia Booksellers & Stationers and who leads town tours, says, "All in all, it's much quieter around these parts than usual."  Read all about it. 

Hotels and more have reopened!

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updated 7-19-16

November 17, 2009

Berkeley: Turkish Kitchen; restaurant review

80 North

Turkish Kitchen  1986 Shattuck Ave./University Ave., (510) 540-9997. L-D daily; $.

The wide-open room here, with high ceilings and attractive Mediterranean wall murals, provides comfortable seating and plenty to look at. Menu fare includes soups and salads plus appetizers both cold (grape leaves stuffed with a rice mix, eggplant salad, and exotic, tasty red bell pepper-based ezme) and hot (borek—phylo dough baked with feta cheese or ground beef; and boregi—a deep-fried cigar-shaped pastry filled with feta). Choose from exotic sandwiches, stuffed pies, and main dishes (delicious baked chicken beyti is lavash stuffed with ground chicken and served with a tasty yogurt sauce; manti is like Turkish ravioli; eggplant is stuffed with meat or veggies and is a house specialty). Delicious house-made pita is made the Turkish way—without a pocket--and is perfect to sop up sauce. Sharing works well.

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November 12, 2009

San Francisco: Katana-Ya; restaurant review

San Francisco

Katana-Ya 430 Geary St./Mason St., 1 blk. from Union Square, (415) 771-1280. L-D daily; $-$$. No reservations.

Conveniently located directly across the street from A.C.T., this teeny venue keeps ‘em waiting and then packs ‘em in. Huge bowls of noodles (choose from ramen, soba, and udon) are topped with fried chicken, tempura, and more (to keep toppings crisp, ask for them to be served on the side). Also note that the miso broth is the least salty option and that MSG is used but can be omitted by request. Beer and saki are the drinks of choice. Service is fast, allowing theater-goers a quick turnaround once seated. Sushi is made at a counter in the back, where often-overlooked seating sits empty. The salmon and avocado roll and the California roll are favorites.

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Way more things to do in San Francisco.

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November 11, 2009

San Francisco: play--"Love God Sex (and other stuff I don't have)"; things to do

San Francisco

play--"Love God Sex (and other stuff I don't have)"

Talented comedian Rick Reynolds spills his guts in his latest one-man show, and it is surprising how funny his gut-spilling can be--especially since he pulls much of the material from his own less-than-perfect childhood and claims not to be pulling any punches. The audience howls all the way through, some more loudly than others. Jason Alexander--yes, that one, from "Seinfeld"--directs. Though comedy, this is aimed at adults; leave the kiddies at home.

Runs through November 17, 2009 at Marines Memorial Theatre, (415) 771-6900.

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November 6, 2009

San Francisco: play--"tings dey happen"

San Francisco

"tings dey happen" is based on the year actor/playwrite Dan Hoyle spent exploring the West African oil frontier as a Fulbright scholar. In this one-man show he portrays a pacifist militant, a media-savvy warlord, an Africanized Texas oil worker, a prostitute activist, the American ambassador to Nigeria, and more, and he is amazing in his ability to go instantly in and out of character--accent and all. Post-show talkbacks about Hoyle's adventures performing the show in Nigeria will be conducted after each Thursday and Friday evening performance and Sunday matinee. (And, yes, he is the son of local actor and comedian Geoff Hoyle.)

Runs through November 29, 2009 at Marines Memorial Theatre, (415) 771-6900.

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