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December 8, 2010

Geyserville: Isis Oasis Sanctuary; things to do + hotel review + restaurant review

101 North

Isis Oasis Sanctuary  20889 Geyserville Ave., (800) 679-7387, (707) 857-4747. Tours by appt.

Named for and dedicated to the Egyptian goddess of nature and fertility, this unusual nonprofit retreat center hosts theatre, poetry, and spiritual events “aimed at bridging the gap between the modern world and ancient Egypt.” The 10-acre property is on what was once a Pomo Indian ceremonial grounds and is home to waterfalls, a 500-year-old designated heritage fir tree, and a pond that is holds both black and white swans. Visitors can tour an aviary of exotic birds and a vivarium of insects and small reptiles. Owner Loreon Vigné moved here after San Francisco outlawed the breeding of wild cats within city limits. Here she breeds exotic felines, including ocelots (she is the only breeder known to reach a 7th generation) and bobcats, and her menagerie currently includes ocelots, bobcats and serval cats. A Sacred Sunday Salon program begins at 2 p.m.

Unusual lodgings (Some shared baths; $50-$100 donation. Pool, sauna, hot tub. Full breakfast.) include three canvas yurts, one converted wine barrel, a tepee, and a 2-story obelisk, as well as cabins and 12 lodge rooms--each of which is named and decorated for a different Egyptian goddess.

Mummy’s Kitchen serves Egyptian Asian fusion cuisine ((707) 921-8423. D F-Sat, L Sun; $-$$.). Menu items include Egyptian Mummy Wraps, Pad Thai with tofu or chicken, and Egyptian stew with cous cous.

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