December 11, 2010

San Francisco: Lafitte (CLOSED); restaurant review

San Francisco

Lafitte  CLOSED  Pier 5/near Jackson St., The Embarcadero, (415) 839-2134. L M-F, Sat-SunBr, D daily; $$-$$$.

Featuring a delightful open space with high, high ceilings plus an open kitchen, this venue has a variety of seating options that includes a covered patio with a bay view and a chef’s counter that permits chatting with the owner-chef who is the creator of the inviting seasonal fare. The adventuresome menu changes daily and might offer perfectly prepared lamb with a side of black chickpeas, or turkey with butternut squash puree. Appetizers and desserts are a strong point—deep-fried olives, crab-stuffed squash blossoms, little pear and quince tartlets in buttery crusts. Creative cocktails, beers, and non-alcoholic libations join the menu along with a globetrotting wine list.

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photo depicts owner-chef Russell Jackson; image courtesy of venue

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