Monday, May 18, 2015

Highway 49--Gold Rush Country: Volcano, Black Chasm Cavern


Black Chasm Cavern  15701 Pioneer-Volcano Rd., (866) 762-2837, (209) 736-2708.  M-F 10-4, Sat-Sun 10-5; in summer daily 9-5.  $15.95, 3-12 $8.50; gemstone mining & gold panning $5+.  Stalactites, flow-stone, and dragons, oh my!  This easy 45-minute cave tour visits the Colossal Room, which measures 100 feet across and 150 feet deep and provides glimpses of a deep, turquoise lake far below, and the Landmark Room, which features a spectacular display of twisting, looping helictite crystals.  The caves are a constant cool 57 degrees.  Gemstone mining and picnic tables are available outside.

"dragon" feature at Black Chasm Cavern in Volcano, California
flow-stone at Black Chasm Cavern in Volcano, California

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