May 22, 2015

San Francisco: Hong Kong Lounge; restaurant review

San Francisco

Hong Kong Lounge  5322 Geary Blvd./17th Ave., Inner Richmond, (415) 668-8836. 

This newish, highly-rated, and very popular dim sum parlour is also well-priced—it cost us only $15 per person including tip.  It’s easy to find—just look for the crowd out front on the sidewalk.  Diners are accommodated in three clean and comfortable dining rooms--one large one in the front with a small alcove off of it, and another largish one in the back. 

Unfortunately, there are no rolling carts here, but that means you can start filling out the menu order form while you are waiting.  Then, when you are seated, you give it to your waiter and dishes start arriving piping hot from the kitchen.  Though the tea pot brought to our group of four was of adequate size for only one and of poor design—it burned my fingers as I tried to remove the top to stir the leaves—dim sum items are generously sized. 

Order two dishes per person.  My favorites here were baked pork buns and pork taro dumplings, though I liked everything.  Pork ribs in coffee sauce were unusual enough and became weird with the addition of whipped cream.  One among us was crazy about chicken feet in general and said of these that “they are the best I’ve ever had.” 

Note that only one credit card is accepted per group.  On a Sunday it took us ½-hour to park four long blocks away followed by a 1½ -hour wait (don’t forget your SPF; I actually got a sunburn while waiting on the shadeless sidewalk).  I recommend stopping to get your wait ticket before you park.  Overall, I think it was worth the hassle.  I'll go again, but only on a week day.  

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interior of Hong Kong Lounge in San Francisco

baked port buns at Hong Kong Lounge in San Francisco
baked pork buns

coffee pork ribs at Hong Kong Lounge in San Francisco
coffee pork ribs with whipped cream

chicken feet at Hong Kong Lounge in San Francisco
chicken feet

shrimp chives dumplings at Hong Kong Lounge in San Francisco
shrimp chives dumplings

eggplant stuffed with fish at Hong Kong Lounge in San Francisco
eggplant stuffed with fish

the bill at Hong Kong Lounge in San Francisco

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