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September 25, 2019

Nostalgic Ice Cream Parlors in the East Bay

Greater East Bay

Nostalgic Ice Cream Parlors in the East Bay

ice cream sundae at Miyahara in Taichung, Taiwan
You'll have to take a long trip to eat this ice cream sundae at Miyahara in Taichung, Taiwan.  But you can get something almost as good closer to home.  

         These vintage spots have been around for a long time.  How many have you visited?  Which flavors are your favorites?

since 1894: 
Fentons Creamery  4226 Piedmont Ave., Oakland.
          Enormous portions of housemade 12% to 14% butterfat ice cream is the name of the game at this well-established ice cream parlor.  More.
Most popular items/flavors:  classic sundae; Swiss Miss chocolate

since 1950:
Loard’s Ice Cream  2825 MacArthur Blvd., Oakland.
          Loard’s has branches all over the East Bay, but this is the original store.  More.
Most popular flavors:  fresh strawberry, fresh mango, pralines with crème

since 1941: 
Tucker’s Ice Cream  1349 Park St., Alameda.
          More than 33 flavors of ice cream, sorbets, and sherbets are available at this one-off ice cream shop.  Fresh fudge, waffle cones, and ice-cream cakes are made fresh daily.  A rear patio with a sheltering jacaranda tree and a fountain is open in good weather.  More.
Most popular flavor:  cho cho

since 1900:
Meadowlark Diary  57 W. Neal St., Pleasanton.                   
          California’s first certified dairy, this old-time drive-thru dairy has modernized into a drive-thru convenience store, but the reason most cars come here is to get a cone to go filled with the spectacular soft-serve ice cream.  More.
Most popular flavors:  orange


  1. I think I’ll head to Fenton’s to get my fill of freakishly delicious flavors!


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